this blog is now dead!

hey everyone...thanks for stopping by! however, this blog is now only a memory.

the new blog is incredible though (if we do say so ourselves) and it lives here:

our new website is here:

and our facebook fanpage (which we want you to join) is here:

come visit us and we'll talk to you soon!



it's true - we finally have an official, tricked out blog. you need to go there right now and see how sweeeeeeeet it is! we spent a LOT of time making it function exactly like we wanted it to, and so far it's performing flawlessly. we feel like we'll finally be able to update this thing EVERY SINGLE DAY (or close to it) and we can finally post GIGANTIC images too - which is awesome.

so come now and bookmark this baby. give us feedback, tell us what you like and we'll all be friends in blog-land.

here's the link: the new bloggggg

see ya there!


rosecrans prom!

what upppppppppp everyone!

alright, so we just wanted to thank EVERYONE we met and shot at the rosecrans prom on saturday. we're so pumped that we were able to shoot it and we are beside ourselves with how well we feel the images came out. also, we've set a new standard for ourselves with our turnaround time. wow.....even we're surprised! shoot the event saturday - deliver the event on the following tuesday. lol. ridiculous. again though, thanks for being so awesome and easy to work with. you guys rule.

secondly - the link to reorder images is now working. we made a mistake by putting the wrong address on the information sheets that came with your pictures. the link is actually a number instead of "rosecransprom08". right now we have all of the formals up, and within a day or so we'll have all of the images we shot of the grand march up for viewing/ordering as well.

here's the link to view what's up so far:


right now we're offering a 2-for-1 promotion so that every image you order will double itself for free, so take advantage of that while it lasts! and again - the grand march images will be up in a day or so. keep checkin!

and for all of you rosecran-ers, we ARE extending our sale to you if you're interested in having us do your senior portraits. this is something we NEVER do because once our sale is over...it's over. it lasts 3 days and 3 days only, but how could we turn away our new friends? lol. call soon and we'll get you in for the sale price of $50 off your session fee and $50 in credit toward your order. spots are filling up fast!!!

and don't forget to wreck that beautiful dress FOR FREE! call for details on that too!

anyway...that should be everything. let us know how you liked your pictures and how you rate them against ones you've had in the past!

leave some comments (with your name)!

here are some grand march samples....laterrrrrr.



okay, so we know we just started this blog and everything...and we know we've already slacked off on posts - but we've had to take a small hiatus. the sidewalk in front of our studio is being jackhammered to bits, i'm in manhattan for another day, and we're still trying to get caught up from our sale. sooooooo....

until we can start blogging like we want to (hopefully next week), here are some fine art shots nate took while i was gone.

check it.


larren gets owned.

just a public announcement that larren's high score was DEMOLISHED tonight by nate (and by demolished we mean by like, 150 points) and he is now the champion.

thank you, and good night.


our office manager is better than your office manager...at tetris.

so larren found this sweet tetris game and that's all any of us have been doing for the past few weeks. nonstop.

unfortunately she's about twice as good as us and keeps racking up scores of like 50,000 points, but we're hot on her trail and this will not last long. the only bummer about this program is that it's for macs only - but seeing as how all cool people have macs, it's not a bummer at all!

cool-people tetris party!!!!!


wow, wow woweaosooadwowowzaa.

man. that was a crazy sale. here's where we stand.

we TOTALLY out-did last year. by almost double. which is a lot. but we STILL haven't booked a full year up from one mega-sale like we just had so we're still accepting seniors. our team members KILLLLLED it for us, and we can't wait to start hooking them up with all kinds of sweet stuff, but right now our focus is on this coming week which is going to be absolutely nuts with everyone coming in to pay session fees, check out samples and scope out the studio.

we'll post back later with how we're going to handle the rest of the 09 seniors that call to book from here on out.

friday night in columbus was freaking fun. we invited our friends adam and jen king up to spend the night with us in our suite (they got the other bedroom and kicked larren out on the couch, lol) which they did - but we also did something else that was SUPER FUN! jen's birthday was a couple days before so adam suggested we invite everyone up to columbus to surprise jen when we walked into the resturaunt. she had absolutely no idea, and we all had one of the funnest (it's a word, i say so) nights ever! we at mccormick and schmick's which had some of THE BEST halibut i have ever had in my life. wow. and the desert......

i can't go on. lol. here are a couple pictures. first one is of dinner and the second is of birthday girl and her hubby.

check it out, leave comments. later!